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CAT6 extension using double RJ45 socket

On our wavelength

Just need some help please to get this set up correct to extend network connection to another two rooms via Cat6 cable with probably a couple of switches and a few RJ45 sockets. The outside wall will be rendered so I'll silicone around the hole outside and then the render will go over the top. Would appreciate any gotchas if I'm missed something.... 

Current set up is as follows:

Room 1 has the VM router and I need Rooms 2 and 3 to have wired network capability.
Room 2 is total opposite side of the house where I have TV, Sonos
Room 3 is across an alley way (2 thick external walls) and used as an office (printer, laptop etc.).
-> Both Room 2 and 3 will need a couple of network ports and probably wifi. Main thing is to get the cable out of room 1 and into rooms 2 and 3 in a nice simple way.   

My approach is as follows:

Room 1 - install a twin RJ45 socket on the inside wall by the router. Connect two short ethernet cables into the socket from the VM router (thinking to use a network switch to avoid using up 2 of the router ports which I need for other items in that room)
Then take 2 measured lengths of external grade ethernet cable, crimp/attach them to the female/inside of the RJ45 socket and run them through the wall to the outside, one going to room 2, one to room 3.

Room 2 - run in the cable from external wall into back of a single RJ45 socket, crimp the cable correctly. Connect ethernet cable from socket to device(s).
Would be great to get wifi in this room as well, can I connect a second router to this RJ45 socket and use it as a wifi extender (AP mode?)? If in this mode, could I then also use the other ports on the router (assume the WAN port will be used to set up AP mode).

Room 3 - repeat as Room 2, this time perhaps simpler to just connect a network switch to give me a few more ports as won't need wifi really in this room.  

Thanks for any comments/advice!