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Intermittent broadband. Its there and then it's dropped out then its back and b@£&+@£d gone again.

It's supposed to be 1 gig.

(Son works from home.On having to take days off.)

Speeds also Intermittent.

SA11 2DA area.

Any idea anyone..



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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
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Re: Broadband

Hi @Marksbl00dyw1f1 

Are there any known issues?

Have you looked at Check service status at the top of the page? You can also a run a test on your equipment from there.

The Check Service Status is often only populated with details of wide spread outages.

You could also try the automated Service Status number  0800 561 0061.  This often gives details of more localised issues down to postcode level.

Whilst not ideal it's probably a better indicator of known problems and should also show the latest estimated date/time for the fault to be repaired.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Broadband

Hi Marksbl00dyw1f1, thanks for posting on our help forums for the first time and welcome to our community.

We're sorry to hear of the issues with the intermittent broadband, happy to best assist with this.

Could you please let us know how things look after you've posted and if there has been an area fault that affected you at the time or an issue detected with your equipment?

Did you manage to speak to our team and resolve this?
Let us know how you get on, we're eager to help if you need us.

Adri - Forum Team

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