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Broadband / wifi outage

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Is anyone suffering from no broadband/wifi?

On the service status page it says "We're investigating an issue in your area". (I'm in East London) 

And the estimated fix time has been changed to a few hours later and even the next day. 

Even when I called to customer service and booked a technician, they cancelled it as it is not a fault of my flat or own hub, but the problem is on Virgin Media's side. 

Does anyone have the same experience? How long is it gonna have the internet? It's already been two days, can't bear any more. 

It's ridiculous that VM saying the prices go up with such poor services! 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You have a residential contract with no SLA time to fix, it’s best endeavours. While there is an area fault no technicians are dispatched until it is fixed. If you problem exists when then 0800 phone line says the local area problem is fixed (there isn’t one) you need to phone in again to book a technician. 

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