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Broadband to be down for 6 days?

Tuning in

Heya folks. Started experiencing massive internet problems yesterday. Did the usual tricks, reset the hub. Checked all the connections. Even reset the hub. Download speed is fine, upload speed is non existent.

Service status is saying nothing is wrong. Did the online trouble-shooter and was presented with a splash page saying there are problems in my area, and to check back for updates. I work from home so needed something more concrete then that.

Called up, presented with another automated message and no option to speak to a human being. Eventually managed to brute force my way through using my mobile phone. Got through to the call centre, the lady was as helpful as she could be. Issues understanding her not withstanding, as I'm sure my accent didn't help either.

But I was told there is a major outage in my postal code affecting 25% of all customers, and to not expect it to be fixed till Thursday the 26th of January???

So it's not going to be working for 6 days? I was just wondering if that was factual, or if it might have just been something I was told to get me off the phone? That's the longest outtage i've ever had with Virgin, and I've been a customer for 20 odd years. 

Obviously stings to be paying for a service I cannot use reliably, and it's going to cost me a fortune in petrol commuting as I live miles away from our office. 


Alessandro Volta

Interesting that compensation has been mentioned. They don't normally pay if the service has been merely very poor. 

I really appreciated the Virgin media App notification today, telling my broadband was now working. Then the text message a few hours later telling me it would be fixed by 6pm tonight. Neither is true and it's still exactly the same.

I'd resigned myself to it being Thursday. Why give me false hope while I'm stuck away from home and can't check?

This vanished from your app yesterday, and reappeared again today. Vanished from the app again dead on 6 o clock tonight as if by magic. Guess what still isn't fixed. I'm still not clear if this fault is even being worked on, if this is simply an automated status to stop people from pho ning. Or if I'm being lied to.

Screenshot_20230124-115456[172] - Copy.png

Hi @DioH,

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first posts.

Sorry to hear you have been having issues with your broadband. We also apologise for the inconsistency with the app notification. I have had a look into your service and I can see there are no issues on your account currently. How is service today? If this issue with notifications occurs again, you can verify faults by calling our automated line on 0800 561 0061 

Forum Team

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My service is now restored in full thank you. Communication was extremely inconsistent through this entire issue, so if I could provide any feedback it would be about that.

I was also promised a call back from your call centre to confirm everything was working, Which did not happen. and i've been told by 3 different operatives from your company that I will be recieving compensation. I'll be interested to see if that happens.

Hi @DioH,

Thanks for the update glad your service is restored now. 

I will drop you a PM now so we can address your other concerns and get that logged. 

Thank you!

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Yep and they lied to me. As I've just been told in a PM that I'm not eligable for it. Oh well.