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Broadband to be down for 6 days?

Tuning in

Heya folks. Started experiencing massive internet problems yesterday. Did the usual tricks, reset the hub. Checked all the connections. Even reset the hub. Download speed is fine, upload speed is non existent.

Service status is saying nothing is wrong. Did the online trouble-shooter and was presented with a splash page saying there are problems in my area, and to check back for updates. I work from home so needed something more concrete then that.

Called up, presented with another automated message and no option to speak to a human being. Eventually managed to brute force my way through using my mobile phone. Got through to the call centre, the lady was as helpful as she could be. Issues understanding her not withstanding, as I'm sure my accent didn't help either.

But I was told there is a major outage in my postal code affecting 25% of all customers, and to not expect it to be fixed till Thursday the 26th of January???

So it's not going to be working for 6 days? I was just wondering if that was factual, or if it might have just been something I was told to get me off the phone? That's the longest outtage i've ever had with Virgin, and I've been a customer for 20 odd years. 

Obviously stings to be paying for a service I cannot use reliably, and it's going to cost me a fortune in petrol commuting as I live miles away from our office. 


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What hub have you got and what lights are showing on it? 

vmdg505 which I believe is the Superhub 3? Only one single offcolour white thin light on it at the moment. Which I think mean's everything is supposed to be alright? As i've said upload is dipping anywhere between 0.01 and maxing out at 0.30. So there's barely any bandwidth to do anything. Hopefully this image will actually show, as the forum has blocked my last two attempts to show a speed test.




We've now migrated from, slow as dial up used to be. To Disconnecting every 2 minutes. Guess I'll try calling again tomorrow. Not holding out much hope. Service status still tells me nothing. 0800 service status number still tells me nothing.

3 days of this now. 😞

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
Lets see the Hubs data - can you do this....

In your browser’s URL box type in (or - if in modem mode) (DONT click these links) - and hit return - dont log in just click on the “router status” icon/text at bottom-middle (Hub3) of the Login page.

Then Navigate to these “data pages” and just copy/paste the normal “Formatted Text” (not images) 3 FULL sets of data onto here – 2 tables from the Downstream, 2 from the Upstream, & the Network Logs page. Don't worry too much about the formatting it can be easily read & DON’T include personal data or MAC addresses - blank them out - if you copy/paste the data, the board software will do this for you (you may need to click the "submit" button again). If character limits are “exceeded” - just do two posts
Also, If you haven’t already, set up a free, secure and “offlsite” - “Broadband Quality Monitor” to continually monitor the state of your connection and record any true network dropouts , latency issues, packet drops, etc - it will thus allow you to differentiate between those and simple wifi dropouts. It does it 24/7/365 and it keeps a visual record of any/all of your network disconnections, useful data to have to match to the Network logs (in your Hub settings) and also in discussions with VM - note it will take a few hours to start seeing a sensible picture - post up the “link” to the “share live graph”. Click the lower link (Share Live Graph) then, click generate. Copy the text in the Direct Link box, beware, there may be more text than you can see. On here click the Link icon (2 links chain to the left of the camera icon) In the URL box paste the link you copied and then click OK


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired, 2 on WiFi) Hub5 in modem mode with Apple Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's. On Volt 350Mbps, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.

Hopefully this is right:

Downstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID

12990000005.138256 qam21
21390000006.838256 qam1
31470000006.938256 qam2
41550000006.638256 qam3
51630000006.438256 qam4
61710000006.538256 qam5
71790000006.138256 qam6
8187000000638256 qam7
91950000005.838256 qam8
102030000005.838256 qam9
112110000005.538256 qam10
122190000005.538256 qam11
132270000005.538256 qam12
142350000005.438256 qam13
152430000005.138256 qam14
16251000000538256 qam15
17259000000538256 qam16
18267000000538256 qam17
19275000000538256 qam18
20283000000538256 qam19
21291000000540256 qam20
223070000005.440256 qam22
233150000005.138256 qam23
24323000000538256 qam24

Downstream bonded channels

Channel Locked Status RxMER (dB) Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors



Upstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) Symbol Rate (ksps) Modulation Channel ID

12360000043.5512064 qam5
23010000043.5512064 qam4
33660000041.5512064 qam3
44310000043.5512064 qam2
54960000043.5512064 qam1

Upstream bonded channels

Channel Channel Type T1 Timeouts T2 Timeouts T3 Timeouts T4 Timeouts



Network Log

Time Priority Description

21/01/2023 20:11:40noticeLAN login Success;CM-
20/01/2023 11:33:35criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-
20/01/2023 11:32:43criticalREG RSP not received;CM-
20/01/2023 11:32:43ErrorT6 Timeout and retries exceeded;CM-M
01/01/1970 00:03:41criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-
01/01/1970 00:03:0criticalDHCP FAILED - Discover sent, no offer received;CM-MAC
20/01/2023 10:06:19criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-
20/01/2023 10:06:19criticalUnicast Ranging Received Abort Response - initializing 
20/01/2023 04:04:56criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-
20/01/2023 04:04:56criticalUnicast Ranging Received Abort Response - initializing MAC;CM-
19/01/2023 18:43:50criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-
19/01/2023 18:41:56Warning!RCS Partial Service;CM-
19/01/2023 18:41:56criticalSYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync
19/01/2023 18:41:55Warning!RCS Partial Service;CM-
19/01/2023 18:41:55criticalSYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of 
19/01/2023 18:41:53Warning!RCS Partial Service;CM-
19/01/2023 18:41:46Warning!Lost MDD Timeout;CM-
19/01/2023 18:41:41criticalSYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync;
19/01/2023 18:41:40Warning!RCS Partial Service;CM-
19/01/2023 18:41:40criticalSYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync;CM-MAC 

What it looks like this morning. Still absolutely no change in performance.

Since I can see moderators replying to much newer threads, I'll post one last thing in the hopes it helps?  This is from a speedtest I could see the mods suggesting other users use.

samsrealspeed - Copy.JPG

Alessandro Volta

The BQM shows that serious work needs to be done to fix your connection. 

I'm sure the staff on here would love to help you, but their company is so broken that they can do little beyond passing messages that go nowhere.

Slightly more information. Not the greatest but a case number and an official date in writing is something I suppose.

The estimated repair time is 26 JAN 2023 13:25. We are working as hard as we can to fix this, however due to the complexities of the issue it's taking us a little longer than normal. I have escalated this to our Field support team and here is the Remedy number F010406012. Do regret the inconvenience. I have also cleared the upstream and downstream channels to make sure you are on the least congested band, but we cannot guarantee a stable connection until the outage is fixed. I have also registered you for compensation for loss of services and once the issue has been fixed you will be contacted from us regarding this and get compensated for the same.

Fingers crossed it's fixed by then or sooner.