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Broadband still down in Basildon

Tuning in

Virgin declared the problem to be fixed at 8am Monday morning, but I'm still seeing connection drops every 15-20 minutes.

Any insights?


On our wavelength

Same here in Benfleet. Also seeing people in Canvey with the same problem. Been down since Sunday and been doing this "15 minutes at a time" thing.

Tuning in

The 15 mins thing seems like Virgin's way of getting out of paying compensation for total outage of 2 days or more.

In other news, status resolution has been kicked back to later times for days. Good luck getting through to a human on the phone.

On our wavelength

Oh trust me, I've been trying the last 3 days to get hold of someone. Luckily, as long as you actually register that you've had loss of service over the phone, the restarting thing wont be an issue. I would argue having to restart your hub every 15 minutes to use it is far from "functional".

However, I restarted my hub 25 minutes ago and im online now. My router was saying there was no RF signal and now it's saying it's connected again. No issues so far. Can you check if you're having no issues now?

Same issue in laindon, no broadband or phone since Sunday morning. App finally says all services are fine but I still have nothing!. Tried unplugging everything and starting from scratch with no luck. Virgin now say I have to wait next week for an engineer to come out!

Also the 15min thing stopped working for me Monday evening 

Hey @chyrania,

Sorry to hear you were having this issue, has it since been fixed for you?

Cheers. Joe

Yes, all good at the moment.

Glad to hear this @chyrania 

Please continue to monitor your service and let me know if you need any further help.


Forum Team

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