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Broadband problem

Joining in

How do I book an engineer to come and fix my virgin broadband connection because I keep calling and asking for help and I have been ignored for couple of months. Please for help because my daughter is not able to do her homework. Thank you, Max.


Alessandro Volta

One of the VM forum team will usually reply within a few days and you might get further help and suggestions from forum members.

But you'll need to elaborate with more details on what the problem is in order to get any useful assistance.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Juleczka, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with the broadband connection.

Can you please expand on the issues you've been experiencing on the connection?

Is this restricted to Wi-Fi connections, or are wired connections also struggling?

It may be worth clicking this link to help you combat any Wi-Fi issues you’re experiencing