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Broadband problem

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 hey I’m continuing to get these messages in my router network log I’ve been having this issue for 7 months been told by engineers manger on Thursday no more visits to my house as they have been over 10 times and put in new cables from outside and inside changed everything even gave me new hubs on few times they have been out but when w call up customer service they just tell me we have to sent a engineer out so basically customer service telling me one thing and engineer manager telling me another how can a get this problem resolved 


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I’m also getting no ranging response received t3 time out and DBC-REQ mismatch between calculated value anyone help me with this is this a issue it’s in my network log in my router 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Craig04, thanks for the posts and for reaching out on our help forums about this issue.
A warm welcome from us in the VM community.

We're sorry to hear there have been ongoing issues for this long with your hub and broadband service, we can see this has now been raised with our second line of support and assigned to a complaints team to handle.

Regarding the progress of this case, we can advise you'll receive our feedback soon as it's being reviewed currently.

From the logs posted above, we can see there is an issue with the performance and we're working on resolving this for you so you'll hear back from us about it.

If you've had more updates or issues coming up since your Sunday post let us know and we'll be happy to add our notes on the account for you or assist further where needed.

Forum Team

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