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Broadband new customer waiting 7 months

Tuning in


I just wanted to share my experience as a new customer. 

I'm the first week of January 23, I agreed to go ahead with virgin for broadband and TV. I was told installation would be in February. I'm still waiting at the end of June. 

Iam told every month that installation will happen on a specific date. I take time off work to be avaliable and nothing happens. Each time I call it takes hours of being transfered around and noone has any answers except it will happen on the next appointment. 

My next appointment is now mid July, with no details or explanation, just an automated text. 

We have elderly people staying with us and having access to our video Cameras is important for their safety. This has caused a lot of stress for us and has been a complete nightmare. 

They say they have sent 2 wifi mobile dongle, we haven't received anything but we do get the billing emails. 

I would like an explanation and to know if anyone else had the same troubles and if it was resolved at all. 




Thank you for sharing your experience. It is heartening that others have the same problem and seem to be getting nowhere. I know exactly what needs to be done but can I speak to the right person absolutely not