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Broadband new customer waiting 7 months

Tuning in


I just wanted to share my experience as a new customer. 

I'm the first week of January 23, I agreed to go ahead with virgin for broadband and TV. I was told installation would be in February. I'm still waiting at the end of June. 

Iam told every month that installation will happen on a specific date. I take time off work to be avaliable and nothing happens. Each time I call it takes hours of being transfered around and noone has any answers except it will happen on the next appointment. 

My next appointment is now mid July, with no details or explanation, just an automated text. 

We have elderly people staying with us and having access to our video Cameras is important for their safety. This has caused a lot of stress for us and has been a complete nightmare. 

They say they have sent 2 wifi mobile dongle, we haven't received anything but we do get the billing emails. 

I would like an explanation and to know if anyone else had the same troubles and if it was resolved at all. 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Am_gerrard 

Welcome to the community forums

Sorry to hear your installation has been delayed and you have not received the WiFi dongles. 

We can raise a complaint at our side and make sure this is with the correct department for your installation delay. We can also advise on anything that has been noted and updated to the account regrading your install delay. Though we aren't able to support in quickening the process, we can most certainly provide whatever details have been noted on the account, if requested. 

Please join me on private message so I can locate your account and pass account security. You can see your private messages at the top of the page, in the envelope icon or if you're using a smaller device, you can see your private messages by clicking on the Virgin Media logo at the top right and select 'Messages' from the drop down. 


Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent


There is more chance of getting a reply from a black hole than from VM mythical complaints department !

Tuning in

Morning, this sounds awful. But very familiar, we’ve been waiting for 2 months now. With little no explanation at all from Virgin. Like you say just a text and maybe a quick phone call from an uninspiring member of the customer service team who don’t have answers or explanations and are hiding behind “issues with permits”

Absolutely shambolic. 

I can’t even find a working link for the complaints process it’s broken or disabled everywhere I try, I get promised phone contact within 48hrs from managers and nothing happens. 
The neighbours have virgin broadband with no issues at all, we live less than 50m from the green box at the side of the road. 
It is a first time customer installation for us, is this the same for you?

Are you going to find another provider? We’re weighing up options as this is crazy. 

Hi @Disappointed13 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're really sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had and that you're thinking of leaving us 😔

What's the most recent installation date you've been provided? 

Advice on how to make a complaint can be found here. You can track complaints using our online checker here

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience and we'll do our very best to help.


Yeh this is so bad, I've been given another date if tomorrow but I doubt they will arriv, let's see I'll take another day off work

Hi Am_gerrard 👋 thank you for returning to keep the thread updated. 

Sincerest apologies for these issues that are ongoing with your delayed installation. If you would like us to offer further support ensuring you have a complaint raised please do just pop my colleague Carley a PM back and she will be happy to continue offering support with this for you! 
Thank you for your patience in the meantime, we do hope this is resolved as quickly as possible. 

Wishing you all the best. 🌞


A little update. Again the 5th July appointment was a no show. I contacted the customer service phone number and after an hour of being transferred around still nothing.

Carly here was trying to help but they want bank details to clear security, which they don't need over the phone so this makes me very suspicious, I don't think most people like sharing sort codes and such over dm on public forums. 

This is really disappointing as its been nearly 8 months of being messed around still with no information and no end in sight!

The impression I get is that the customer services and the pre install team have no good info on what the engineering team are doing and as such cn not give me any info. One agent just told me that I should cancel because it's been so long and the engineers probably can't do anything and so are just not doing any work. He transferred me to pre installations after telling me that but my call was just ended. Really bad customer service, I'd like some information!! 

Sorry to say but your story has been repeated hundreds of times in similar past topics on here.

VM has outsourced much of its cable installation work to sub-contractors. In the arrangement that has been set up, VM seems to allocate an installation job to a contractor but then has pretty much zero control or influence over the installation process and how/when it happens.

If you speak to VM, the person you talk to will 'guarantee' the installation will happen on the next given date but the guarantee is worthless as VM has no control over the process. The VM call handler is doing nothing more than reading a date from a screen.

Usual advice on here is to keep detailed records of all VM's failures in a timeline. Particularly important is to keep a record of the first installation/activation date VM gave you (which usually mentions a VM tech coming to your home to install equipment and activate services. It is that date which any compensation due should apply from.

Topics on here regularly describe VM trying to dodge or reduce pay-outs by a range of dubious and irrelevant excuses which is why keeping good records is important. Many customers on here have had to go to arbitration to get what was owed in compensation.

In the meantime you should think about what sort of backup you need while you wait for VM (if your previous broadband connection is no longer running). Some people have bought a data SIM or hotspot on a rolling monthly contract or additional data to tether a smartphone. Some have even had an Openreach connection installed on a rolling monthly contract when the VM delays have gone on for a long time.

Sounds like you have already gone via the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734 for further info but don't place any weight or importance on anything they tell you as the chances are it can't be relied on.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Am_gerrard 


Thanks for your response


If we're unable to validate security to access the account there isn't much else we can do, my colleague Carley is available to help in the private message as long as we can pass security so we can discuss the account details and look to have this resolved with you.


My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause



Forum Team

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