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Broadband issues

Spent over 1 hr on the phone yesterday, was told someone would call me back - no one did. A further 1hr 36 mins today, put on hold for 35 mins whilst the lady spoke to the gadget desk apparently before the line simply cut off and yes I still have my issue 

Basically 3 months ago I used to get a strong constant WiFi signal in many rooms direct from my hub 3 now I only get a real strong signal from the hub in the room the hub is in (with good speeds) The signal strength and subsequent speed has decreased significantly in the other rooms and I have had to introduce 4 boosters to provide the connectivity required (previously managed with one). Still have the same number of devices connected and the hub is still in the same place I.e no environmental changes. The hub has a 4db wide band equaliser attached at the back

Has anyone else experienced this and has an answer - I really can’t bare the thought of calling the help desk again - for further shocking service - thinking it might just be easier to switch 

Many thanks in advance 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Broadband issues

Get more boosters was not the answer you need to get a better wireless router with 1Gb ports and put the hub in modem mode.

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