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Broadband intermittent and TV pixelating

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changed package the other day and day after WiFi keeps dropping out and TV pixelates. Have noticed plug on wall with co-ax going in has a green led that seems to fluctuate a tie in with pixelation. 

Support recommend a pin reset of hub 3. Which made no difference. Any ideas what else I could try?

Have attached photo of the plug with co-ax and  flashing green led.



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WiFi has improved but TV signal still dreadful. I'm sure it is something to with the plug that the co-ax goes into. When the green led flicks off it often coincides with a pixelation. 

TV is unwatchable. 

That plug provides power to the wall box on the outside of your home, that contains a device that converts the fibre to coax:

If it's faulty it would cause a loss of services.

Hi Dgmackenzie_uk,

Thanks for using the Community Forums to get this issue with your services looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration 😥 

I understand you've made a recent change to your services, this could be the reason for the issues as service could become a little intermittent whilst a package change is handled behind the scenes. 

I have already taken the time to check your Hub & TV boxes for any outstanding issues, but everything seems to be working fine on my side. 

Could you let us know how things are now since you last posted please?