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Broadband and Tnt Sports

Tuning in

So.. I signed up for VM with an activation date of 30th Oct, this transpired to be an actual activation date of 7th Nov. I was left with no WiFi or TV for a week and had to pay through the nose for additional data bundles with my mobile provider. I was offered £30 as a good will gesture due to the poor service and was told I was not eligible for the automatic compensation scheme. After looking through all the terms and conditions and spending several hours arguing my case, I was informed that I was actually eligible for it at the daily rate set out in VM T&Cs. I've now received a credit for next month for £39. I was told the £30 goodwill payment was to pay for my data charge with my mobile provider and the Automatic compensation scheme was separate. They have reduced the scheme payment to include the gesture payment as far as I can work out (I tried for hours today to speak to someone with no success). So, initial impression has not been good and I have voiced my concerns and been promised it has been down to human error and will not happen again.

Since the 7th Nov I have experienced several outages of WiFi, logged the issue, receive text updates to inform me that the issue is being looked into and each text rolls the resolution date back and back. Currently they are saying it's a complicated issue and is to be resolved on 14th Nov.... This is the 3rd date I have been given within 3 days. However, all "chat bot agents" deny any knowledge of the fault and insist the service is 100% working. It is not and no one is taking ownership of the complaint or able to discuss it because they say it doesn't exist, despite the ref number I give and the texts I receive. 

I also, 48 hours ago, attempted to add TNT sports to my package and have been told it will be activated in 7-10 days and again no one is ever available to discuss and explain why the wait. I never had this issue with sky and sorely miss them!!!! 

My experience with VM has gone from poor to absolutely terrible. I have 24 hours left to cancel within my 14 day cooling off period which I think is going to be the best way forward but I am sure VM will now argue this and refuse to cancel because of some obscure clause. 

0 out of 100 for service, reliability, customer experience and satisfaction. 

Lots of hassle, chasing, arguing, pointing out VMs mistakes. No ownership of issues or resolution, not a single apology, poor poor POOR!!!!

You have been warned people!!! 

before I get the automated "we are very sorry to hear of your issues" reply.... I have spoken to several agents via webchat and WhatsApp that to be honest is a joke.. I have not spoken to one real person via a call since I signed up. You have my number in your system, I have raised my issues and expected a resolution... Why don't you call me and resolve the problem instead of waiting for it to be posted in public and scaring off more customers.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Paul22379, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

We understand how frustrating this will be for you and this if of course not the way we wanted to start things.

I have taken a look and since you posted this I can see you have been in contact with the team have they managed to resolve these issues for you?

Please do let us know. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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