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Joining in


This is more of a rant. We returned to Virgin after many years and bad experience but had hoped things had improved.

Having been assured that the only charge would be £35 and confirmed that a new feed would be required from the street, surprise, surprise on the day of the day of installation the engineer came and said "You have no cable to the house, I've only come to install in the house!!!" Fortunately, she took a feed off the neighbour and we shared their feed for about a month but it was about a week and a second visit from an engineer before we got the 200MB.

That was in May last year and all was good apart from the extra £55 installation charge which I never got a response from other than "we will look into it" until December when we started getting issue with the Wi-Fi. But nothing major so we accepted it. Come January things got noticeably worse. Speed test showed that the speed would vary form 270-4MB while the test was being carried out. Then we would loose ALL Wi-Fi so I phoned to report an issue again and again. 2 Engineer visits later and we are still having issues, 3 drop outs in an hour so far this morning. I am getting extream grief from my partner and family, "why did we move 70MB from our old supplier is far better than northing or anything we are getting at the moment".

I have made 2 complaints so far but when I check on my account nothing is show, possibly as I made them while on the phone to support but I don't hold out much hope. All I want is a reliable service that I paying for is that too much to ask?

The idea of phoning up support to report I'm still having issues fills me with dread but I suppose I will have to but I will wait in the hope that it will resolve it's self and save my self from the grief.

The sad thing is that the Engineers and most of the phone support has been good, pity that does not lead to a good reliable service.


Hi Chris

If there is an outage why did I receive a message from customer support stating that they ha been monitoring my speed and what I was receiving was within contracted agreement. How can they say all is good and yet you say there is a problem which should be fixed by the 28th.

Hey @Red63,

Thanks for getting back to us, with our contracted speeds we don't have a set minimum for download speeds on wifi, for ethernet we do and you can find them here, this is why my colleague would've advised this.

The outage which you are presently affected by is also an intermittent outage and so when my colleague was checking the speeds it could've been a period where the services were working more consistently.

If you do have any further questions about the outage we are happy to help.

Thanks. Joe


Still having issues with the BB even though Virgin tell me everything checks out, well it does not on the receiving end.

But today we lost everything except for TV as long as you don't want to watch catchup or any related service. The app stated it would be fixed by 05.35, well it was mid afternoon when I phoned and was advised that they would fix it by the 13th but that it may come on intermittently. I wish someone would speak to the rest of the family and explain that it's not my fault and neither has the last 4 months of intermittent wifi.

I just spent the last few hours looking at alternative providers, anything has got to be better that what we are getting now. It just a shame that the service people you speak to who are generally excellent is let down by extremely POOR service.

Hi @Red63,

I am sorry you are still having issues with your service, I have checked and you are still affected by an SNR outage, the fix date for this is 13 APR 2023 16:00.

I know this can be frustrating, SNR outages are more complex to fix and this is why it takes more time.



Hi Zoie

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunate, I have been having issues since December although early January was when I first made contact. Stating that the issue will be fixed by the 13th is of little comfort when the issues have been ongoing for sometime with total loss of BB, slow Wi-Fi (e.g. less than 5MB) and constantly being told that YOUR (i.e. Virgin Media) show everything is fine is very frustrating. Even when I use your reconmended speed test (i.e. SAMKNOWS) cannot connect or complete the test and when my perfered speed test shows that the upload speed is 5 times faster than my my upload speed, I could go on. Following a letter stating that I could cancel my contract before the 17th I have decided that enough is enough especially as I the one getting all the grief from my familly as if it's my fault.

I believe that 4 months is more than enough time to fix the issues, which is a pity as the BB was very good up until December 2022 and appart from 1 customer agent who, shall we say needs retraining and who I made a formal complaint about; no feedback or response by the way; the service from the people who I spoke to and the engineers was VERY GOOD. I just the service I was paying for was as good.

So I have cancelled the contract, this had been our second time with VM and is likely to be my last therefore I will say good by as I count down the days.




Hi @Red63,

Thank you for your post and update.

I am sorry to hear you are leaving us, and I know SNR's can take a while to fix so can understand. 

If you need anything further please pop back.