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This is more of a rant. We returned to Virgin after many years and bad experience but had hoped things had improved.

Having been assured that the only charge would be £35 and confirmed that a new feed would be required from the street, surprise, surprise on the day of the day of installation the engineer came and said "You have no cable to the house, I've only come to install in the house!!!" Fortunately, she took a feed off the neighbour and we shared their feed for about a month but it was about a week and a second visit from an engineer before we got the 200MB.

That was in May last year and all was good apart from the extra £55 installation charge which I never got a response from other than "we will look into it" until December when we started getting issue with the Wi-Fi. But nothing major so we accepted it. Come January things got noticeably worse. Speed test showed that the speed would vary form 270-4MB while the test was being carried out. Then we would loose ALL Wi-Fi so I phoned to report an issue again and again. 2 Engineer visits later and we are still having issues, 3 drop outs in an hour so far this morning. I am getting extream grief from my partner and family, "why did we move 70MB from our old supplier is far better than northing or anything we are getting at the moment".

I have made 2 complaints so far but when I check on my account nothing is show, possibly as I made them while on the phone to support but I don't hold out much hope. All I want is a reliable service that I paying for is that too much to ask?

The idea of phoning up support to report I'm still having issues fills me with dread but I suppose I will have to but I will wait in the hope that it will resolve it's self and save my self from the grief.

The sad thing is that the Engineers and most of the phone support has been good, pity that does not lead to a good reliable service.


Accepted Solutions

Hello Red63.

Thanks for your post. 
Sorry to hear this is still ongoing.
I can look into the Pods and replacement hub for you if you like?
If you don't mind, I will need to send you a private message to pass security. 
If you can check the purple envelope top right of your screen that would be great. 


See where this Helpful Answer was posted



This is a diagnostic enables us to see the service speed to the Hub is as well as how your WiFi device performs.

Once the test begins, click on Run full test to see all the figures.

Before launching the second salvo, having a few hard facts about the network performance can be quite handy.

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Hi again


I have just completed a Wi-Fi test on my laptop and the current speed is less than 5MBs but according to the Connect App it's over 250 but if it's 250 why is the program I'm watching on my laptop buffering?





The real question is if it is 250 at the Hub, what is wrong with the laptop ?

If it is a Windows laptop try     Shutdown and sign out >>> Restart       to perform a full shutdown + clean reboot.

( Don't touch the Power button & Don't use Shutdown and sign out >>> Shutdown )


It not just one laptop but 5 different ones, not all at the same time, and even when I use an Ethernet cable the same issue exists although the App says different, that assumes the App connects which is not always the case. Also, the issue has only developed since December but before was OK

But thanks for the comment

I should also mention that the TV, Virgin TV unit and the phone has been effected plus all 3 lights on the Hub flash at times plus the hub light.


It would be interesting to share the results of

run on a laptop directly network cabled to the Hub.   ( i.e. no WiFi Pods / extenders or Power line extenders )



Sameknows gave a reading of 250 at the hub and 48 for the laptop. However, I have just used a different laptop using an Ethernet cable and and the reading was about 48MB. Surely, an Ethernet connection should give a reading a much higher reading than a Wi-Fi connection regardless.


There is also the effect on the Phone which fortunately we don't use that often,  TV and Virgins TV box which are all Ethernet connected pus the green flashing lights on the Hub. Its not all the time, at times using the site and the same equipment I get reading of over 270MB.