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Broadband Outage --

What is going on? For nearly a week my broadband has been very flakey!! Keeps dropping in and out. Up until today there was an automated message on the phone say there was a tech problem in my area. No message today. Automatric checks identify a problem then wait over 20 minutes to speak with someone. I didn't bother waiting any longer!!!! This is pants!!!! Get it sorted!!!!!

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Forum Team (Retired) Samantha_L
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Re: Broadband Outage --

Hello nsw1654,


Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.


I'm sorry to read you are having an issue with the broadband connection.


Looking into this, there is an SNR (signal to noise ratio) fault in your area. The reference number is F006594567 and has a review date of this evening.


Also the upstream power levels are high at 53 dBmV. If after this fault the power levels are still the same, we can arrange an engineer appointment for you.


Speak soon


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