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Broadband Keeps dropping

Tuning in

So been a vm customer for ages, have 3 x v6 box’s, connections via unmanaged switch mostly ethernet

about 6 months ago started to get tv picture break up and the broadband connection dropping out - not the Wi-Fi connection the whole broadband connection 

several engineers later and a couple of complaints the problem still exists 

external cables changed, (apart from one section) new router, new brown wall box

have set up think broadband network monitor and this example of what happens 

during the red you can’t use the service 

engineers say signal are fine 

on the 1gb service 


any advice would be appreciated 





Tuning in

So a disappointing update for all who use Virgin media. Engineer came out "nothing more he can do"

So took decision to install another broadband circuit from another supplier - at £40 per month but need reliable broadband

So here are the two circuits with BQM - the only thing plugged into the VM router is their boxs X 2. Everything else on the other broadband (so i wasnt my gear as this is perfect)

VM talk crap, their service offering is crap, BUT they are cheaper for now - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

For me ill keep their TV for the moment and use a better supplier for the broadband, for those who think this is a sledgehammer solution just move away from VM