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Broadband Drop Outs

Tuning in

We have M250 broadband which works well most of the time.

However we have begun to experience dropouts where the internet disconnects for a couple of minutes and then reconnects - for example, yesterday this happened about 5 times.

The status page always says there are no issues in my area - please could you advise how I can get this resolved?




Check for a fault in your street via : 0800 561 0061 it is an automated service.

When the drop outs occur what happens to the lights displayed on the Hub ?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey jlanaway,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your broadband at the moment, I have looked into your connection and in your local area and cannot currently see any issues that would be causing the problems that you're having, how has your connection been running so far today?

Regarding the service status page, this will only show issues up to postcode level, if there is a problem with your individual connection it wouldn't show on there, you would need to login to your account to run further checks.

Kind Regards,


Tuning in

I have run tests on the line when it is experiencing problems... the result is always reboot your router, which always fixes the problem - but so does doing nothing within 5 minutes. I have started a BQM trace and will post the results once we experience another drop.

Thanks, James

Thanks for coming back to us jlanaway, that will be a great help with the BQM to diagnose the issues that you're having with your connection as I cannot see any issues at the moment. 

Kind Regards,


Dialled in

I've had exactly the same things happening.  Only started a couple of days ago, before that had been fine.  Something definitely going on over the last few days.

Hey tiger_1310,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your connection at the moment, I have been looking into your connection and cannot see any issues at the moment, what problems, are you actually having?

Kind Regards,


Hi Steven,

The problems are on the broadband, even connected by ethernet so not just wifi.  Has been working fine before about 3 or 4 days ago.  But last few days, every now and again it keeps disconnecting for about 5 minutes then coming back...this keeps happening several times a day.  Have rebooted the hub, checked for issues...nothing.  It's been working ok for the last hour, but several problems from about 10 onwards today as well as last few days.

Thanks for coming back to us @tiger_1310.

Have you possibly set up a broadband quality monitor to keep tabs on the service?

If you haven't, you can do so via this link, and allow it to run for 24 hours before reporting back to the thread,

Kindest regards,


Thanks David, I have set that up and been seeing what happens over the last week.

The disconnection has still been happening every now and again. In fact it just dropped again for about 10 minutes.  I see a big red spike on the graph corresponding to when the connection is lost. Not sure best way to show the graph here, hope this works:

Live Graph 


Kind regards,