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Broadband 100 speed package awful!



I have recently renewed an 18 month contract for my tivo, and broadband 100mb package. It has always appeared that the wifi on this package was slow, but I decided to hook my superhub 1 directly to my lap top with a metre cat6 cable, and speed test will never go over 30mb. Yesterday I spent an hour on the phone with the tech team, standard advice, change the cable, try another browser, restart the browser, reset the hub blar blar. Then the tech team told me to get off the phone and that within 20 minutes my speed would be up to 100 constant. I fell for it! Got off the phone and nothings altered. 30 on the wire, less then 10 on the wifi.


I am paying for 100mb, so surely with the wire I should get it. I understand the wifi could be a separate issue requiring a booster etc/ But I need to get it up to speed on the wire first.  Anyone on hear have any advice? I am honestly thinking to cancel the whole broadband and jump on the bt broadband deal….



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Re: Broadband 100 speed package awful!

Yes, when testing with a cable you should be hitting close to your contracted speeds.. 

can you set up a BQM - once set up, find the Live Graph and click "Create Sharing Link" - post that back here.

Next, browse to your hub on - don't log in, click Router Status - copy/paste the tables from the Upstream, Downstream and Network Log tabs back to this thread - you'll need multiple posts for this, the info wont all fit into a single one..

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