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Booster and mobile devices

Hi. Looking for any ideas please.

I have a virgin wifi router downstairs and a booster upstairs. They have different WiFi names and passwords.

Both networks can be detected on both floors but the distant one is very weak. Unfortunately none of my devices (laptop, iPad, phone) switch to the strongest signal when I move between floors. 

Apparently it is not possible to tinker with my devices to make them do this.

So I wonder if there is there any way of adjusting the router/booster settings so the devices will automatically switch to the stronger signal?

It was a brand new technician installation earlier this year so I’m surprised that the virgin guys didn’t do this automatically if it was possible  

Any ideas would be gratefully received. BTW I’m a woman and not very technology savvy so not too many fancy terms please!

Many thanks

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Booster and mobile devices

In a word, no.

They’re basic boosters and not that great.

you’ll need a better router or mesh system to extend the wireless 

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