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Blackspots despite booster

I live in a two bedroom flat, which is quite small but nonetheless the wifi didn't reach to the bedrooms, as they are the furthest away from the hub. We got a booster to fix the issue which has resolved the problem in one bedroom, but not the other. It is impossible to do video calls in this room as a result, which is making my life very difficult at the moment as I'm trying to do job interviews.

I have run the diagnostic scan on the app to check for blackspots from this room and it tells me the signal is "great" in there - however, despite this, at the same moment a speed test on my laptop tells me the connection is "very slow". When I run the scan on the app it shows that in this bedroom it is connecting to the hub, despite being much closer to the booster - the hub is approx 10 metres away and up some stairs, whereas the booster is only about 2-3 metres away. Is there a way to make my devices connect to the booster from this room instead? 

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