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Billing issues

Needs some help as customers services just fob me off to get me off the Phone.

Renewed Contract at beginning of December 2018. Was cancelling but got offered the new V2 box, with free installation (offered to do myself) and free connection. All good 

Then got a bill with all the above charges on totalling £166. Enquired about this on the 29th December and got told this will be adjusted and there's no need to worry. The adjustments meant my bill would be £1.70 as I had a previous credit from when I moved from my last contract. 

On the 7th Jan the full £166 was taken via direct debit. I rang on the 13th Jan when I realised and was told to do an indemnity claim with my bank and virgin will issue me a new bill. Money went in my bank and I thought it was sorted. 

Then several days later, the indemnity claim was refused by virgin media and the money was again removed from my Bank. Leaving me in a troubling financial situation whilst working 200 miles from home (literally didn't eat for 2 days).

I again contacted virgin media who couldn't understand why this had happened and they said they could issue me a refund in 48hrs. They said they wouldn't normally do this but on this occasion the manager would sign it off. 48hrs later, still no money refunded. 

I contacted them yet again to be told they cant issue refunds directly into the bank and that a cheque is being sent out. Was told that this would only take a couple of days. Contacted again this evening and there is no record or request to send a cheque on the system and they have put a credit on my account.  They are now sending me a cheque minus next months bill and I should receive in 3 days time. 

Quite frankly I am not holding my breath as I have been lied to on every phone call I have made. Where do I even go from here? Is there anyone at virgin who can give me a straight answer?

Is it possible to cancel my contract?? 



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Re: Billing issues

Sorry to hear about your issues. Unfortunately no one on these forums - including Virgin Media staff - can help with billing issues. I would advise logging a complaint with CS and taking it from there. Go to and follow the Something else menu

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