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Billing Issue After Cancellation

Hi there, 

I contacted Virgin Media at the end of August to cancel my broadband 30 days in advance, with an agreed end date of 28th September.

As expected, I received a bill after the cancellation date for £49 for 12th September - 12th October, and was told I’d be refunded the amount from my cancellation date until 12th October. 

Now, on 22nd October, I have received another bill for £49 covering the 12th October - 12th November, despite having no broadband from Virgin since 28th September. 

I’d really appreciate some clarification as to what’s best to do in this scenario. I’ve had difficulty in the past on the phone with Virgin, so I’m trying to avoid that if possible, but really don’t want to be charged £49 for broadband I haven’t been provided, and don’t even have the equipment for anymore. 



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Billing Issue After Cancellation

You need to call and speak to billing.

Billing issues can’t be looked into on here. 

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