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Best way to connect Orbi 50 to Hub 3

I have been using the Orbi 50 for a while now on my old provider (BT) using a Draytek Vigor 130 modem. Now we have Virgin M500 fibre, the hub three just can not provide the same coverage as the RBK50 with two additional satellites. I can see how to turn the Hub 3 into modem only mode, but does that mean the RBK50 has to be in AP mode with DHCP off or is there a better way? Currently I have the Orbi in AP mode, but the Hub still in Router mode wired directly to the master Orbi and effectively running two wireless networks with the majority of devices on Orbi.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Best way to connect Orbi 50 to Hub 3

Put the Hub into modem mode …

To enable modem mode on your Hub

  1. Make sure you are connected (wired or wirelessly) to your Hub
  2. Open your Internet browser
  3. Log in to your Hub's settings page by entering into the address bar of your Internet browser
  4. Enter your Hub settings password. The default password is on the bottom of the Hub.  If you have changed the default password, enter that password instead
  5. Once you've logged in, click Modem Mode on the left
  6. Click the option next to Enable Modem Mode and then click Apply changes and wait for the base light to turn magenta.

Note: Once in Modem Mode, the IP address you use to access your Hub changes from to


  1. Disconnect all ethernet cables from the Hub then power off the Hub.
  2. Set up your own router with the WAN port set to be in DHCP mode. Make sure it’s fully initialized (leave 5 min) and then put in the Cat 5E/6 cable to the Hub.
  3. Now power up the VM hub and you should get a connection. This order only needs to be done the first time you connect your own router to the VM hub.

BT Smart Hub 2 with 70Mbs Download,18Mbs Upload, 9.17ms Latency & 0.35ms Jitter.
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Re: Best way to connect Orbi 50 to Hub 3

Note, after following Mike’s sage advice, you’ll need to put the orbi into router rather than access point/bridge mode else it won’t work 😉

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