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Bad WiFi coverage - can I reuse old cables

Joining in

Hi All, 

I recently moved into a new flat with existing Virgin Media broadband. Currently, we're using a one-meter cable provided with our router, but there's a longer, identical white cable running along the wall, unused. To improve Wi-Fi coverage beyond my bedroom, could we connect the router to the longer cable that was installed by the previous tenant? Or is this cable obsolete ?

Wondering if Virgin Media's fibre cables are specific to the box/ account, and seeking tips on extending Wi-Fi coverage—whether Virgin Media offers coverage guarantees or requires additional payments, and if a Wi-Fi extender is recommended.

Thanks for any assistance!



VM internal cables for CATV and DOCSIS VM Hubs are all the same ( versions of RG6 cables ),
if the correct fittings are present on each end give it a try.