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BQM question

How accurate and reliable is the BQM graph?

I have a meeting tomorrow with the local Virgin manager and the network engineer.  They say I don't have a problem because the network (my connection) is monitored and doesn't show any dropouts.  I am getting interruptions in my broadband ranging from 2 secs to 60 seconds, maybe 5-10/day.  The interruptions correspond to red spikes on the BQM graph.

I also run the EMCO ping program. The free version pings upto 5 sites and also pings your own modem to check for local cable (or wifi) fault, it chimes when connection is lost.  The chimes match up with the BQM spikes, if I attempt to load a new website after being notified of a connection failure it does not load (duh!).

It was suggested by the network guy that my PCs might be the issue (2 of them), so I bought a new laptop (I'd been thinking about it anyway), no surprise that it didn't make any difference, nor did the replacement modem.  I have even checked the AC voltage between earth and neutral to make sure it is zero (I used to be a field engineer in the US and this often caused weird issues).

So, can I give the manager a copy of the BQM graph look him in the eye and confidently tell him he has a problem?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: BQM question

For the most part yes the BQM is reliable you could also run a ping to the WAN IP gateway as a first hop test and if the two match up its a problem.

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