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Awful Treatment ..... time to leave after decades with NTL/Virgin !

On our wavelength

Never thought I would be leaving Virgin as we were with them back in the NTL days but the diabolical treatment received over the last couple of months has made our minds up !

We started to lose broadband intermittently throughout the day in early June so reported the problem to VM and an engineer was despatched. He changed various cables and our V6 box and left but the problem never went away.

We complained again and another engineer came out and identified the fault was with the cable leading into the house and he would have to pass that up the line.

We then phoned in again and was told engineers would sort out the cable that week as it was urgent (we were losing hours of broadband now). The week passed and nobody showed up.

We phoned in yet again and was told the engineers would sort things out ..... in late August (6 weeks away). We told them that was not acceptable and after being bounced around the complaints folks, we received a hearty apology and was assure the fault would be fixed the following Thursday ...... and, once again, nobody turned up !

The final call to VM and we were given yet another date ..... which just so happened to be the original late August date originally provided which more than suggested the other dates were just made up by VM to try and get rid of us !

Given that the damaged broadband has now got worse and prevents any business from home work, we have given up ...... time to move away from Virgin !


Super solver

Who are you moving to? 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

On our wavelength

Looking at Sky or possibly the local Giganet network who keep mailing us with offers ...... but still looking at others !

Joining in

That is dreadful!  Though what I've come to expect of Virgin over the last year or so.  Media and credit card.  I have scheduled the exact day to give them notice and will be moving to Community Fibre.

Virgin Media seem to only be after signing you up and locking you into an 18 month contract.  Rampimg their package prices up, then mysteriously losing connection when you phone to discuss your account.  So is like they want immediate money and discard any existing relationship.

Alessandro Volta

You have made the correct decision to cut your losses and leave. VM's cable installation/replacement processes are farcical due to the sub-contracting arrangements that have been set up to do such work. There are hundreds of similar examples, past and present, on the 'Quick Start' forum.

Would suggest though that you time an overlap between VM and any new service. All providers can have their installation problems. Keep VM going until you get the new service up and running to your satisfaction then cancel VM. You would pay two lots of subscriptions for a few weeks but, if you ran into a problem with the new supplier's installation, you would still have a partly-working VM connection rather than no connection at all.

@Username10 wrote:


<snip>  So is like they want immediate money and discard any existing relationship.

There is no 'relationship' between customers and VM. Customers are nothing more than an entry in a database which generates revenue for VM as far as VM is concerned.

Alessandro Volta

If Giganet is available to you, go for it. What are you waiting for?

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Tuning in

Wish I could find a way out of the contract. As you said about working from home, it's the same as me. I'm an RAF counsellor for veterans and/or the widow/widowers and I got offered to move to the Swedish Air Force but I was told I'm not allowed because I have to be in 'contract' for 6 months before I can request to terminate early. I thought as a token of good will and for the fact my new job was awaiting me to help those in need VM would have made an exception. I was wrong. Their speeds and everything are just plain awful. Glad you got out 

Alessandro Volta

I'm sorry to hear that Carrie95.  Unfortunately there is no hope of getting that goodwill you wanted from Virginmedia. They wouldn't understand what it means. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Hey Paul33, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear this.

Unfoarelty with these jobs like these they arent a quick fix and can take a couple of weeks into months sometimes.

This normally get delayed with planning permission and so many other factors. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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