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App not connecting to hub

Why do I have to restart my hub every time I want to use the app to pause or unpause devices. It’s so frustrating and everything takes twice as long to deal with. With other family members using the net for streaming games and videos it always causes inconvenience for someone. 
please help before I go back to Sky!!!!

Thanks in advance


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Re: App not connecting to hub

The Connect App seems to have more bugs than a tramps vest.

My advice ...

Uninstall the Connect App.

Reboot your phone.

Forget about the app.

Factory reset the Hub using this exact method ...

DO NOT DO THIS if the password on the base of the Hub is not legible or missing.

Instructions for Hub 3

Disconnect all unneeded ethernet cables from the rear of the Hub.

With the Hub Powered on use a paperclip or similar and do a pinhole reset.

Depress the pinhole switch for a timed 60 seconds then release.

DO NOT reboot the hub but allow it 5 to 10 minutes for it to boot itself up.

Once a steady white and no other lights are illuminated check your system again.

Save your sanity and health still forget about the Connect App.

Use the Hub GUI at in your browser.


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