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Anyone else having more and more problems with Virgin media recently?

I was always reasonably happy with Virgin's service.... Yes they advertise speeds for their broadband that they don't get anywhere near achieving but at least by and large it was a reasonably stable service. 

Recently though the service has been appalling.  For the past several weeks I get VERY intermittent download speeds.  I pay for 500Mbps, my local area supports a maximum of 200Mbps (Virgin don't tell you that when you sign up) but I am lucky if I get half of that number (checked just now and getting 52Mbps download).  At peak times though this can dip to low single figures.  I might as well forget trying to stream TV or a film on my ipad.

I also get complete drop outs multiple times throughout the day.  It is embarrassing when trying to work from home and my zoom calls constantly drop out.  I've had to resort to setting up a hotspot on my phone and working from that (telling that Vodafone's 4G signal is faster and more stable than Virgin broadband)

To top things off today, I can't sign in to Skysports to watch the cricket.

Is the government regulator really so weak that it allows Virgin to blatantly over advertise speed and service?

Bring on 5G I say, or fingers crossed another viable alternative to virgin fibre comes along that can actually deliver something close to the service it advertises.








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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Anyone else having more and more problems with Virgin media recently?

You need to speedtest on a wired device

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