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Alternative to the £3/month booster?

We have a couple of blackspots in our new house and as we aren't on the top TV package we'd have to pay £3 a month to hire a signal booster direct from Virgin.

Is there a third party alternative anyone can recommend that I can just buy outright off Amazon that will do the same job but I can keep forever? (I'd like a wireless solution so I don't have to run cables over half the house).

I've tried to look at them all myself to determine which is the right one etc. but it's left me more confused than I was before!

We have 100mbps fibre broadband (but get around 55-60 realistically) and just need one booster to get to the opposite corner of the house.

If there's a simple "this one [brand & model] will work" then I'd really appreciate the help!

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Alternative to the £3/month booster?

Your best option is to just get a wireless access point and mount it near the blackspots. They do need to be wired into the Hub by Cat5e/6 ethernet cable though. It isnt really difficult to conceal the cable under carpet etc - or run it outside.

The "Ubiquiti" range is well regarded on here

If that is a problem then there are wire free solutions such as a Mesh system - these tend to be more expensive as you might need 2 or 3 units to piggy back the signal to all dead spots.

If your house electrical circuitry permits it you could try a pair of powerline adapters with added wifi

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