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Alien DVR access outside WiFi with hub 3.0

Hi all, it’s my first post and I’m in need of help getting access to my DVR outside my WiFi. (I can access it on WiFi)

i have recently moved to virgin for my internet and have a hub 3.0

My DVR is set to DHCP and has a ip of

i have reserved the ip from the MAC address in the list and done port forwarding of 8240 which is the port my DVR needs, I’m confused with the port forwarding do I just but 8240 in all 4 boxes, and In protocol select both?

since doing the above I’ve lost access via my WiFi, I’ve tried both DHCP and static on my DVR with no joy outside WiFi. 

Ive put the DVR ip in dmz mode and that seems the only way I can get WiFi access but not our side WiFi. 

Any help is greatfully appreciated 

thanks Chris 

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Re: Alien DVR access outside WiFi with hub 3.0

it could be the Hubs firewall blocking this, have you tried disabling that and seeing if that fixed it? I had a same issue with one of my DVR programs 



Max 😄 

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