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Ain't it grand - WiFi issues

Joining in

When my VM cable services were installed, the WIFI kept dropping out. So after repeated callouts (this goes back 8-10 years?), one engineer said he could route a cable to my pc - so no WIFI, bullet-proof service (I live alone, one desktop pc - this was a no brainer).  What I didn't know then, was that my TV connection was still WIFI - so Prime, Netflix, YouTube, periodically stopped working. This is over a decade or so. I'd phone VM repeatedly and I'd finally get a techie who had half a brain and the problem would be resolved.  This happened every 3-4 months.

It still happens but what has changed is that (a) the free 150 number no longer connects to a techie (b) when I dial a UK pay-by-minute number (an eye watering amount) I get a well-meaning but basically useless person who is working thru a checklist and has basically no idea.

This isn't a request for help. The problem is baked in (I can access YT, NF & Prime via my pc, not thru my TV although I pay for that, I accept that, its just how it is, virgin media being what it is, getting f*c*ed is part of the package).

I'm just having a few beers after spending hours talking to a very stressed Phillapena - not her fault, and I did remain calm, just.  

OK this is a request for help: is there any Uk cable service out there I could switch to that is less massively **bleep**ty than this one? Price is no problem.



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


Hi chap,

no offence taken (so much for not answering anymore......), I did recognise your reply as being helpful, its just that I basically pay  £80 a month for an internet connection, this isn't 1970's east germany (7 year waiting list for a brabant, if you don't like it or can't afford it, tough, walk or bike) there are alternatives, much cheaper alternatives (i.e. for the level of services i actually use) which don't involve periodically crawling across the floor on my hands and knees, balancing my phone in the crook of my neck.   

A service which basically says "we will install kit that may not work, you can pay for and install your own kit and we will charge you £80 a month, provide zero genuine technical support" where there are many competing alternatives - not the best business model. As I said in a previous post - I stick with it thru (a) inertia, (b) a nagging belief that any alternative, however much cheaper, will turn out to be a nightmare.

I'm now into my '70s, with limited mobility,  and I really don't want to do my own plumbing, electrical work or maintaining my essentail basic internet connection.

Hi fedupalot,

Thanks for your first post! I'm really sorry for the issues you've had with your WiFi and getting through to us. Thanks for all the information provided on the issue, that's really helpful.

To start, we do have some great help pages for WiFi issues and checks online here and also here - they'll help you to ensure that your home WiFi set up is as optimal as it can be, so you're getting the best out of your WiFI service. You can also use our Connect App to scan your home for WiFi black spots and advice will be offered from there, tailored from your scan results.

I've had a look this end, and there are no issues showing at all - however we can see there were some drops recorded last Tuesday, however since then it's been clear skies.

Let us know how you get on after taking a look at our links, and if you still need further help.