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Advice please on internal coax installation - type and supplier

Hi all,

I have an Ultimate Oomph install scheduled for next week, and only learnt yesterday that the mini box needs coax unless it's just used for catch up and recordings. 

I already have Virgin cable coming into the house for broadband, and the engineer is going to T off of this to go to the room with the TV. On the pre-installation visit, the engineer didn't even mention the mini box installation, perhaps confirming my belief that it worked like Sky Q.

I'm tempted to dash out this weekend, buy a hole cutter, a cable fishing kit and a reel of coax cable and massacre my internal walls!! I think I can put a hole in the wall in the bedroom where the current cable goes and run coax up to and across the loft, down inside another bedroom wall and then out of a hole where the new mini box will sit.

So, am I allowed to pre-install my own internal cable run for the engineer to fit a plate to at each end? If so, what type or spec should I be looking for? RG6? 1-core? 2-core? Do Screwfix do anything suitable? Or pehaps I should install some cheap cable and let the engineer use it to pull his own cable through on the day? Finally does anyone have any dimensions for the wall plate that will be installed, or maybe even a link to a PDF of the installation? I don't want to drill a hole too high or too low in relation to the skirting and then find that the wall plate wouldn't cover the hole!

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: Advice please on internal coax installation - type and supplier

Virgin cable is specialised, you can however put a draw wire in 

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Re: Advice please on internal coax installation - type and supplier

They need to use their own cable 

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