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Admin and settings passwords

Hi, have the Hub 3 and installed a Wi-fi booster yesterday. Now having some issues:

1. Before installing the booster I was able to access the Hub settings using a password I had set. Now, I can access the settings using the password I had set, or the default password on the label. What has happened and how can I rectify (preferably without a factory reset)?

2. During installation, the booster ‘adopted’ the Hub settings and name. I want to change the name and set a unique password for the booster so I can keep it as a separate network. The booster has an address (http://virgin media-vmp), this URL does not work. How do I access the settings on the booster?

3. My Samsung TV was connected via Wi-fi, but since installing the booster, it is now unable to see any Wi-fi in my house. What has happened and how can I rectify?

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