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Access Denied on websites

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We've been having an issue for the past few days where it looks like our IP is banned on certain websites or something? We have been unable to access websites such as,, Some websites like Amazon gave me a captcha where it thought I was a bot, so there seems to be something strange at play but its totally outside my scope to fix.


I've tried restarting the router and modem (we use modem mode) changing the DNS server we use etc, but I'm at a loss here.


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Are you using a VPN? 

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Complain to VM
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Monitor the state of your VM connection here

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Very Insightful Person

Has your public IP Address changed recently?

FYI for the latter issue see Why is Akamai blocking me?

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Note the ASOS web link is http and not https.  

A commercial website is normally not available via an insecure http connection.

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Usually sites return status of 301 (Moved Permanently) to redirect browser to HTTPS;  in this case the error message remains the same even when using HTTPS.