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Fibre optic

So I've had a ongoing problem with virgin for nearly a year, after all this time a brand new problem started last week my connection keeps dropping for such a quick amount of time my nvidia shield will say ethernet not connected (port 3) then within seconds will be working. I've just now within half hour had 2 of these which disconnects me from my ps5 wired (port 1), but my missus is also online (port 2) but did not get disconnected what is this about? No 3rd party router as im getting a new one pretty soon.

Bqm charts not showing drop nor is netlog only been happening for over a week. All devices hardwired to virgin hub 4.



Had an nvidia shield update in the time period mentioned ?

No nvidia shield updates takes some time and are not automatic. I hear there been problems around my area so maybe they doing some work, just never tells anyone.

Hi Viper-T, 

Thanks for coming back to us about your connection issues, sorry to hear a couple of your wired devices are having some issues. 

I have checked on my side for any problems that could explain the issue, however everything looks A-okay on my side 🤗

Have you tried to switch the cables around to see if the issue happens on port 2 (The one that didn't disconnect) as this could be a tell-tale sign that the cables are a little faulty.

Let us know so we can help further.