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7 months connectivity issue

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I’m sorry to keep posting but I’m really having issues with my broadband been told my engineer’s manager that no more engineers are coming out due to them being out about over 10 times but when a contact customer service they tell me there a connectivity issue and need to sent a technician so I’m going round and round this same cycle 7 months down the line still having issues I’m waiting on a customer service manager contacting the engineer manager to tell him there still a issue but I’m not confident that will happen so don’t really know what else to do feel free anyone that can help me I’m pulling my hair out and very stressed thanks  


Super solver

I am not aware of an AA-style limit on engineer call outs. Maybe the forum can point us to an obscure provision in the Ts and Cs but I am guessing it's more likely an internal control.

In any event I think you should now raise a formal complaint and kick off a process that can be escalated to Ombudsman Services as appropriate. 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Hey thanks for reading my issue but unfortunately this engineer manger as told me there not coming back out as everything as been changed from hubs to new cables and the network is fine that was Thursday 27th April but called up Friday Saturday and today after he told me everything is fine and been told on everytime a need to get a technician out as there a connectivity issue but he’s also put a red flag on my account saying don’t book a technician out to this account as they have done everything so can’t win here 


 yet again same thing again you have a connection issue give 24 hrs it’s been 7 months


Upload speed should be at 50mp this is hard wired with a cat 6 from hub 4 to Xbox series S