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5ghz not working on my hub 2AC

I noticed over a week ago my hub light for 5ghz was missing. I have been online and followed all the guidance. I have unplugged, reset everything, checked that 5ghz is switched on in the router settings and it is.

I have tried to contact VM and keep going round in circles. I can't see that I can order a replacement etc. and the testing just keeps taking me round in a loop.  

Please can someone get back to me. This really frustrating me now!!



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Re: 5ghz not working on my hub 2AC

It may be a good idea to carry out a factory reset on the Hub …

DO NOT DO THIS if the password on the base of the Hub is not legible or missing.

Instructions for Hub 3

Disconnect all unneeded ethernet cables from the rear of the Hub.

With the Hub Powered on use a paperclip or similar and do a pinhole reset.

Depress the pinhole switch for a timed 60 seconds then release.

DO NOT reboot the hub but allow it 5 to 10 minutes for it to boot itself up.

Once a steady white and no other lights are illuminated check your system again.


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