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5Ghz light on superhub 2 dim and network dropping.


I am having issues with dropping network. My wife is teaching college students from home and we need this sorted ASAP. I have done the virgin check your system thing. It found no issues on a PC which does have occasional intermittent network issues when used occasionally for online video meetings. Then when ran the same test from a laptop that is suffering more frequently it found a connection problem. Also have had some connection problems with mobile phones. They do tend to be distance based though. The only thing that appears different is the 5Ghz light looks dimmed. I am sure that light has always been bright blue like all the others. This is causing major problems for my wifes job and her students. I am also about to do some retraining after redundancy. A great deal of that will be online streaming based. I have tried phoning virgin. but have failed to get my call answered. Is there any other way to contact virgin because I can't find one? Does a dimmed light point to anything? Can I get an upgraded router even if I have to buy it?

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