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4 Days In - Broadband Drop Outs

Hi community,

I just wanted to query my current broadband issues, so I could understand if it's to be expected or if there is anything I can do.

I've switched from TalkTalk who as bad as people say they are were good for me despite the speed.

These are the issues I am having:

- Every night around 12am (I am working on assignments) it disconnects and it takes 15 minutes to get the internet back on. Do Virgin send an update?

- Last night it just went and I gave up hope of it coming back on at 1.30am.

- Twice today it's dropped out and then taken a while to reconnect. 

Should I be worried? Do I need to change settings on the router?

I'm hoping to do some online game once the assignments are in so wouldn't want random disconnections. 


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: 4 Days In - Broadband Drop Outs

Drops at midnight are usually when planned works or maintenance are carried out on the network,

When you say it dropped twice today, what dropped? Wired? Wireless? Both?

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