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2 wifi networks coming from 1 router

A tech support agent accessed my router while I was on a call last week about poor wifi connection (despite me having remote access disabled - but we'll come back to that) and changed some settings so that I now have two networks in the house. They have the same name as my old network, but with "2g" and "5g" added to the end. She told me I have to connect all the devices that are furthest from the router to the 2g network, and anything closer to 5g, and that I should also just move everything closer to the router as they are all showing a weak signal.

First of all, that's not a solution to my problem, it is a workaround - and second, it hasn't worked. Devices on the 2g network still lose connection and I have had to reset them onto the 5g network (and vice versa). This is a real pain with smart devices as they don't have a screen and keyboard where you can just flick from one network to another.

She also told me a manager would call me back the next day - still waiting for that a week later.

So a couple of questions -

1. It was much more straightforward when I had one network that doesn't work instead of two, but I can't see what the agent did or how I can switch back to one - how do I do this?

2. When is that manager going to call me with a resolution?

3. What does the 'remote access' option in the router actually do, since the agent was able to log in and change all my settings while it is set to 'disabled'?

4. Also curious to know what the actual range of the super hub 3 wifi is meant to be - after being told to move my devices closer, I measured it is 18ft away from my laptop in the living room (through two glass doors, no obstructions). Is 18ft really too far away to expect a wifi signal?

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Re: 2 wifi networks coming from 1 router

1. you can either do a pinhole reset on the hub or you can log into the hub on browse to advanced -> wireless and delete the 2g/5g from the end of each network name, save and reboot.

2. you're unlikely ever to hear back from the manager. it's a means to get you off the call.

3. not sure about the remote access settings..

4. terrible. this place is littered with complaints about it. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: 2 wifi networks coming from 1 router

Remote access to your hub can be done by the modems 10. IP network.

For better wifi you need to get your own router with 1Gb ports and use the hub in modem mode.

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