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2.5G Port on Hub 5 in Modem Mode

Tuning in

Hi all,

I’ve been on the Gig1 plan for a while now. Have been on the Hub 4 and ended up buying a dedicated router (TP Link Archer GX90 (w, 2.5 Eth port) due to the atrocious Wi-Fi on the Hub 4. 
I recently managed to convince Virgin to give me the Hub5 when I called in to renew.

So my question is, with the Hub 5 in modem mode and connected to my router using the hubs 2.5G port number 4, will I be able to achieve 2.5G performance to my PC, when connected to my TP Link routers 2.5 port? Sorry for the long winded question!

Or can I only use my Hub in router mode to achieve 2.5G capable speeds?

Just to clarify, my PC has a 2.5G Ethernet Port and all ethernet cables used are minimum Cat6a.

Would be cool to benefit from the full speeds of the Gig1 package instead of ≈940mbps. 




@dzw003 wrote:

Just out of curiosity, would this router work? It seems to have dual 2.5G ports but at quite a reasonable price in comparison to others offering the same. Made me slightly suspicious!

I've been using this router for a while, but in AiMesh mode.

Full bandwidth from Gig1 (Get full speed with a PC (2.5Gbps Ethernet) > AX6000 (2.5Gbps Ethernet) > NETGEAR MS108EUP (2.5Gbps switch) > RT-AX86U (Aggregated to two Gigabit ports on 2.5Gbps switch) > 2.5Gbps WAN port on RT-AX86U > 2.5Gbps port on HUB 5).