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2.4G incredibly slow on Hub3.0

Joining in

I have a Virgin Meida Hub 3.0

5ghz is getting MBs of between 100-1000 for different devices. While 2.4ghz is getting closer to 10-20 MBs.

With 'Smart WiFi' enabled several devices are choosing to connect using 2.4ghz when it's not usable for the devices' purpose (e.g. the TV) For now I've just turned off 2.4ghz unless some need to be out of range of 5ghz (which is all the time), but this isn't a long term solution. 

I installed Wi-Fi Analyser and don't see too much on the channel (6) that 2.4ghz is using. And changing this hasn't helped.

We have M500 Fibre broadband. I'd expect us to easily be able to get 400mbs+ with 2.4ghz. 

Is there some way to perform a factory reset on the routers? Or get an update either physical or firmware? Or is there at least a way to force specific devices to be on 5ghz? 



"Get 400mbs+ with 2.4ghz" -  that is not possible when max Wi-Fi link rate usually 72 or maybe 150Mb/s

Many devices like mobiles & IoT that are able to use the 2.4Ghz channel do so at 20Mhz of bandwidth for best range, in this configuration and 802.11n connection will have a max link rate of 72Mb/s with a typical through put of up to 50Mb/s under perfect conditions.  Using 2.4Hz band in 20/40 or 40Mhz bandwidth is to be avoided.

You may get a little more out of the 2.4Ghz band on the Hub 3 if you disable modes B/G leaving N as the only operating mode. We have done this as B/G clients covers devices made between 1997 to 2003 and we don't have any kit in use from that period.

To enable a choice between 2.4 and 5GHz bands use differed SSIDs on each band.

VM Push the firmware out to the Hub, it is not a process that customers can trigger.

Thank you for your response.

I actually hadn't noticed the option to rename the band using SSID (Advanced Settings -> Security for anyone reading later) 
I'll also try switching off b/g that sounds like we can live without that.