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2.4 GHz network disappeared

My 2.4GHz network disappeared this morning, annoying because this is what my security cameras and home automation devices are connected to. After resetting the hub as you normally do when the wifi screws up I still didn't have any 2.4 network so after logging in to the hub via ethernet I saw that the SSID and password for the 2.4 network had been reset to default, the 5.8 network was still OK. I saw there was a hub SW update on 5th November to version 91.1.1912.302, anyone any ideas if losing the network was down to the firmware update, seems strange it would have taken 4 days to have an impact like this or just yet another issue with the hub3 and wifi ?

easily fixed by logging in to the hub and changing the SSID and password back but shouldn't happen, if anyone else loses their wifi it might be worth checking to see if they've had the same problem. 

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