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1gig upgrade offer


I have been offered a 500mbs to 1gig upgrade but have 2 questions...

1 - will I be sent a new hub (I have a Hub 3 at present) and can I self install?

2 - I have 3 pods; will they automatically to the new hub?

Thanks in advance


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Yes, you will be sent a HUB 4 or 5 as the HUB 3 does not support Gig1, however sometimes this doesn't happen.

The pods are linked to the HUB using a unique identifier called a MAC address. When you switch HUBs the pods are supposed to be updated on your account to use the MAC of the new HUB, however this doesn't always happen.

If either of the above points fail you have to contact VM to resolve.

Hi @johnasimmons 

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As @carl_pearce has already kindly advised, if you upgrade to the 1Gig then you'll need either a Hub 4 or Hub 5 to support this. This can be an easy self install as the same cabling can be used for the service to the home. Once the new hub is activated the pods should then be self provisioned at our end to pair them automatically with then new hub. 


If you do notice any issues at all with the pods or have any issues with your install and service, please do let us know and we can assist further if needed. 


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