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1Gb superhub 5 issues

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I have had the 1Gb superhub 5 package for 4 weeks and I have nothing but issues. Those issues are extremely high ping when playing any online games. Not to mention constant drop outs on a lan connection straight to the StupidHub 5. I also see there's plenty of issues with the StupidHub 5 regarding high ping rates. Whats the fix?

Ping rates over 900ms from lower 20s, then chucks me out of game. Watching a youTube video, disconnects, reconnect then disconnects. This service is 100% unreliable and unusable. Why do Virgin insist on doing stupid checking your download speeds conversations.My PC is 20 inches from my StupidHub. Connected via cat 6 directly into port 1 of the StupidHub and my connection is like a yoyo. 3rd phone conversation with an Indian call center and now they have stated there's, an issue with the cabinet, which is only affecting my connection. So instead of fixing issue we will monitor it for 48 hours. This is either a large congestion issue with the cabinets or the StupidHub is NOT fit for purpose. Did a 60 second pin hole reset which was supposed to reset StupidHub back to factory, which it didn't. My Hub 3 was great, hardly any issues at all. I could game, surf and generally use it on a daily basis but not with this 1Gb StupidHub 5


Hi @Pilzo, thank you for your posts and apologies for the delay in responding 😔


We've taken another look at our systems, but we still can't see any obvious issues. 

General advice on fixing internet problems can be found here

What would you ideally like to see happen to move this forward? 


I am sorry to hear you are having some problems still.

I am going to send you a PM so we can look into this, please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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I have same exact critical errors in logs of my Hub 5.0.  Problem started when I swapped my 3.0 hub to 5.0.  Router keeps restarting every few mins and I'm going crazy :(. Please let me know if you find solution to this. 

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Good luck Ravish. I have written to the CEO of Virgin about these issues with customer services and zero help. It's a known problem with their kit and they don't want to fix it. 

Hi @ravish 

Sorry to hear that you're also experiencing the same issue. I can see that you have your own thread open on this issue that my colleague is support further with. 

You can respond to the on your thread and we'll be able to support more clearly for you on there rather than on two separate threads. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

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Ok, Dearest Virgin Media. Please please fix my Hub 5 1gb service. I'm only asking you kindly because I have tried every other way of getting your useless arse company to fix your broken services. As always, cannot simply play any online games due to your crappy Hub 5 with its constant disconnects. What is the point of having such a service when you just cant be **bleep** to sort out your own mess. 2 engineer visits and 2 new hub 5's and some trinkets have fixed absolutely nothing. Actually, the last engineer told me to turn down my graphics settings in game as that might help, a genius clown answer that was. I hate speaking to your indonesian call centres who are reading the ill prepared Virgin response of, ' have you tried unplugging it sir.' All I want is a bloody working service to which I pay you handsomely for and you just cannot be **bleep** to fix the issues. I also know that I am not the only person to have this experience with your Hub 5. I am putting in a request to have the coaxial cable from my house to the outside cabinet to be replaced. I expect a reply, to move to private chat, so this may be booked in to fix the issues i am having on a daily basis with you Hub 5 1gb service, with which has happened from day 1. I have raised formal complaint, nothing done. 2 engineers and 2 routers same problems. Please sort this issue out.

Hi Pilzo,

Thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise that you are still experiencing issues after 2 engineers visits and 2 hub swaps. 

Due to these persistent issues, we can see if we're able to contact our area field manager on your behalf and see if the cable can be replaced. I will pop you over a private message to take some details. Please click on the envelope to accept the chat.

Kind regards Jodi. 


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Hi, am still waiting to hear about replacing cable from cabinet to property.


Pete Murphy 

Hi @Pilzo 


Thanks for your response


If you respond to the private message thread you're already in with my colleague they'll be happy to look at chasing an update for you 🙂



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