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1Gb superhub 5 issues

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I have had the 1Gb superhub 5 package for 4 weeks and I have nothing but issues. Those issues are extremely high ping when playing any online games. Not to mention constant drop outs on a lan connection straight to the StupidHub 5. I also see there's plenty of issues with the StupidHub 5 regarding high ping rates. Whats the fix?

Ping rates over 900ms from lower 20s, then chucks me out of game. Watching a youTube video, disconnects, reconnect then disconnects. This service is 100% unreliable and unusable. Why do Virgin insist on doing stupid checking your download speeds conversations.My PC is 20 inches from my StupidHub. Connected via cat 6 directly into port 1 of the StupidHub and my connection is like a yoyo. 3rd phone conversation with an Indian call center and now they have stated there's, an issue with the cabinet, which is only affecting my connection. So instead of fixing issue we will monitor it for 48 hours. This is either a large congestion issue with the cabinets or the StupidHub is NOT fit for purpose. Did a 60 second pin hole reset which was supposed to reset StupidHub back to factory, which it didn't. My Hub 3 was great, hardly any issues at all. I could game, surf and generally use it on a daily basis but not with this 1Gb StupidHub 5


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You may wish to set up a BQM to further monitor your connection.

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here


Speed & latency test the service to a Router mode Hub(3/4/5) + your device with the link below.

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.

If the experienced latency and jitter greatly exceed the results from the Realspeed test, these are issues incurred beyond the Virgin Media network.

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I have run samknows when the connection is stable enough for me to use. My connection, from the outside cabinet, is the issue. Gaming, stupidly high ping rates disconnects from servers. Then again this morning constant disconnects. My pc is less than 2 feet from the StupidHub 5 with a direct connection via CAT 6 Ethernet. There's absolutely no possibility the cables are at fault, and intermittent connection from the StupidHub 5 to the cabinet is the issue. I have spent 4 days talking to Virgin Media's Best  IT experts, you know the Indian call centers who had no idea what a CAT 6 cables was. After many hours wasted they have finally agreed to send a new router. since day 1 nothing but issues, mostly due to high pings, now it's just constant disconnects from accessing the servers.

It almost feels like they know there's a bigger issues with overloaded traffic in their distribution cabinets or the StupidHub 5 is the wider problem. If this new router does not fix these issues I will cancel this broken mess of a service due to it being NOT FIT For Purpose.

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OK, so when I had the Hub 3 on 350Mb connection I had zero problems with high pings and constant wired and wireless disconnections. Your only backup, is too use a virgin media specified speedtest. Yes, when my connection is active and I run the Samknows Speedtest, I do not get a high ping. Only when gaming and the volume of traffic between router and servers is at its most will then give me high ping rates and then disconnects. I find your lack of decency in stating 'these are issues incurred beyond the Virgin Media network.' is just an attempt to state nothing to do with us, your fault for using the StupidHub 5 as it was intended to be used. As far as I am concerned this is Virgin Media's issue to fix, not mine. I am paying good money for a unfit service



Hi @Pilzo 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of any issues with your new hub 5. 

Please do let us know how the new router is or if you need further help.


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OK, on my second stupidhub 5, engineer visit yesterday at 3.00pm. He replaced 2 modulators, 1 into property and 1 internally. A single CAT 6 ethernet cable from port 1 of router into my PC. Couldn't be more simpler. Any time I open a game I get 1000ms Pings which then drops my connection and then reconnects. Everytime I try and play anything bang down it goes again. Same problems same faults. It is a issues with you cabinets and router, there is a miscommunication going on between those 2 devices, Cabinet - Router. The engineers visit has had zero impact on my issues. When I call your customer services their reply today is, that it must be my PC. What a bloody nightmare it is talking to people who read a script and do not want to help. Now, when the connection is working it can be used but NOT for gaming due to stupidly high ping rates. Virgin media do not understand that. I had a working service to a completely broken service now. And I cannot get anyone to help or listen, Kin JOKE.

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This is exactly my problem as well. looked at the logs and this is coming up all the time SYNC Timing Synchronization failure. 2nd hub Virgin wont do a thing.

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2nd hub and engineers visit yesterday at 3pm. I have the 1Gb Hub 5.

Constant high pings due to these log errors. SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Failed to acquire QAM/QPSK symbol timing;;CM-MAC=**:**:**:**:**:**;CMTS-MAC=**:**:**:**:**:**;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;

reconnect - disconnect thats all my router does. Even the Virgin Media engineer gave me his works number but he doesn't like replying, obviously because he knows the issues and will not tell me.

And Virgin Media says it must be my equipment, ie my PC plugged into port 1 of router. How is this fixed?


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As stated it is a problem with you superhub 5 and the distribution boxes located in the street. It has nothing to do with my wired connection to your hub. The issue arises as soon as I game on any server across the world, which I have used for years on a Hub 3 and same PC with very little problems. The reason you do not take any actions because this is a know issue within your company and your complete refusal to fix said problem. Selling a half baked service to tie people into a lengthy contract. Shame on you VIRGIN MEDIA .