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1 GiG hub and Wifi pod issues

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When we first got the new hub a few weeks ago, cabled my pc would pick up around 900 Mbps... however now I only get 350 - 450 Mbps .. and the wifi is even worse at around 130 Mbps..

The Wifi pod we have (to connect to our disabled sons downstairs bedroom extension) aswell as anything connected to it only runs at 14 Mbps . I have tried moving it and rebooted it, leaving it for 24 hours ect.. its still slow... I thought it should at least be somewhere near the speed of my hub maybe not 1 GiG but higher than 10-14 Mbps....

now im not being funny but im paying for the 1 GiG one not the 350 or 500 paackegs so why am i now geting these speeds... conveniently now my 14 day cool period has ended!


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Very Insightful Person

VM only guarantee a WiFi speed of 20mb btw. 

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well the Wifi pod isnt even doing that! lol

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Laranoye, thanks for joining the help forums and welcome to our community.

We're sorry to hear of the slow speed issues at your broadband and WiFi, we'd love to best support you with this.

As our member insightful member Adduxi above has advised, since you're on 1Gig and already having Wi Fi Max (meaning using our Pods) we do cover you for slow speed issues in case these fall below the minimum guaranteed hub speed or under 20MB on the wireless.

Have a read here for our Wi Fi speed guarantee and what applies.

Based on what you've explained on your post there may be an issue with both wired and wireless speeds received at the minute, upon checks on our end there are no faults in your area that may have impacted your speeds.

However, this may be caused by devices that still get a weak signal and struggling to connect on Wi Fi, causing a slowdown to the overall service (if long-term).

Do the slow speeds occur on some or all your devices?

Could you please advise if you only have one Wi Fi pod in use currently?
Is this connecting or do you see any lights flashing on it?

Lastly, we can assess if your signal is good by running a scan on the Connect App for weak spots on the WiFi.

Being on Wi Fi Max already, you can get up to 3 Wi Fi Pods if we detect this issue and the App may enable you to even place an order for another pod online.

Please, check and let us know how many pods you already have and if more are needed.

Once we know this we'll be able to assist further.

Forum Team

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