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"Can't use that Password"

Joining in

My Virgin TV and Internet were set up last week, and I have been trying to register for My Virgin, but whatever password I use, I get the error "You can't use that password. Please choose another."

All the passwords I have tried;

Start with a letter
Are between 8 and 10 characters long
Contain at least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter
Contain at least 1 number
Have no special characters


I have even tried generating random strings to use in case the system was just thinking they were too "common" but this also has not worked.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi loonymoon6

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Sorry to hear of the online account creation issue. This is a known issue but thanks for letting us know what you've done and that the passwords you're choosing meet the criteria. Can you now clear cache/cookies, browsing history and also any auto-fill passwords? Then try again creating the account and let us know how you get on.


Forum Team

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Hi John, 

I have now been able to register successfully. Thanks

Hey Loonymoon6,

Thanks so much for posting to confirm this issue is now fixed for you.
We are glad to see it's been sorted out, I'm sure John will be too when he reads this 🙂

Please, don't hesitate to pop back here if you need more help or advice in the future.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Forum Team

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