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Tuning in

Can anyone please tell me when the IT department are supposed to get in touch after a "ticket" has been raised, I have been waiting over a week now to be able to access my account !!.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi deego

Welcome back to the community. 

Sorry to hear that you're still not able to gain access to your account. IT tickets are normally resolved within 5 working days, if not then they can be escalated by the agent that raised them. 

You are able to go back to your private message thread with the agent that raised this for you and ask for an update on your ticket if needed, or post back on your original thread on the same issue. 

We do ask that members do not create multiple threads on the same issue, so that all details can be kept together on one thread, making it easier for other members to follow and so we can help more quickly and efficiently.  

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent